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  • make lint runs the module-standard linter config. Under the hood, this uses golangci-lint and its configuration at /.golangci.yml.

Run tests

The Makefile at the root of the project includes many commands that can be useful for testing.

make is not required

Please keep in mind that while you can use make to run tests, you don’t have to. You can also use plain old go test (and go build) as you would in any Go project.

  • make test runs all package tests which are, for the most part, shared with go-ethereum.
  • make test-coregeth runs a suite of tests that are specific to CoreGeth.

Test generation

CoreGeth is capable of generating some sets of tests used in the tests package, which are originally (and still largely) driven by the ethereum/tests suite.

  • make tests-generate runs test(s) generation for the state and difficulty subsections of this suite, extending the ethereum/tests version of the controls to include configurations for Ethereum Classic chain configurations at various points in Ethereum Classic hardfork history.

Flaky (spuriously erroring) tests

Especially when run in CI environments, some tests can be expected to fail more-or-less randomly.

Last update: 2024-06-10